Third-Party Work Injury Claims Are Confusing

In most cases, work injuries have coverage from your workplace’s workers’ compensation insurance. However, there are some workplace accidents where the damage caused is not your employer’s fault. These are third-party cases and complex legal matters that deserve dedicated attention.

At Collins & Elizondo Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we have helped many workers from Houston and across Texas pursue compensation for accidents at work. When your employer truly is not responsible for the accident that led to your injury, the matter may be handled separately from the normal work injury process. We have extensive experience pursuing these separate claims.

Common Third-Party Injury Scenarios

It can be difficult to recognize the shades of difference between a work injury and a third-party injury claim. A few examples can be:

  • Crashes involving a delivery truck on construction sites
  • A vendor-caused accident
  • Motor vehicle accidents while traveling for work

Remember that while these accidents are at work, they are eligible for workers’ compensation. However, they may also include a separate (and additional) personal injury claim against the third party. Our trial lawyers fight to optimize compensation for people who have been hurt at work due to the negligence of someone who is not affiliated with their employer.

Why Are These Cases So Complex?

Primarily, in the case of a third-party accident, no one wants to “take responsibility.” The insurance company will often work hard to mitigate or minimize your claim to ensure that the company pays out as little as possible.

However, you deserve compensation. We are skilled at building cases ready for trial and will pursue your claim as long as necessary for you to get the compensation you deserve.

Skill. Experience. Strength.

Personal injury claims require a high level of attention and strength from your attorney. We are here for you the entire way. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation. We want to hear what’s happened, and we will stay in contact with you throughout your case. Call 281-407-8131 to get started.