Roads Are Necessary But Still Dangerous

It would be hard to imagine Texas without its roads and cars. Driving is a way of life, but the truth is that driving comes with some dangers baked into it. Most people accept the possibility of a motor vehicle accident injury, but they don’t realize the legal challenges that may follow.

At Collins & Elizondo Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we take on the legal struggles that you would otherwise need to worry about while recovering from your injuries. We are skilled personal injury lawyers with extensive experience helping people through all varieties of motor vehicle accident claims.

Types Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Your auto accident and recovery are different from anyone else’s on the road. That’s why you must have a thoughtful conversation with your attorney about your accident. Generally speaking, motor vehicle accidents fall into several different types of categories:

  • Car crashes: By far, the most common type of car accident is that between two passenger vehicles.
  • Motorcycle accidents: While still technically a passenger vehicle, a motorcycle offers less physical protection and can lead to more significant injuries.
  • Commercial truck accidents: Commercial vehicles are massive, and when they are part of an accident, the injuries can be catastrophic.
  • Bike and pedestrian accidents: People on foot or bicycles are the most vulnerable people on the road in any given accident. Their injuries are extremely serious.

Every motor vehicle accident is intense. It happens quickly and can have complications that follow you for a long time. It may follow you for the rest of your life. You deserve the compensation you need to get treatment for your injuries. And that’s where we excel.

Trial-Tested Representation For Motor Vehicle Accidents

First and foremost, we are trial attorneys. We understand how insurance companies want to proceed and minimize what they pay. We have seen their strategies at work before, and we actively counter them.

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