Our firm is serious about oil and gas tort litigation

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | Oil And Gas Leases And Torts

Our state has a reputation. The world knows that Texas is known for our southern hospitality and our oil and gas industry. The latter is one of the reasons our state has faired so well in economic downturns in the past, and how we have avoided a state income tax since joining the union. However, what many may not know is that the oil and gas industry is dangerous to the workers who keep the oil and gas flowing, which is where we come in to fight oil and gas tort litigation for our Houston, Texas, clients.

Unique area of the law

Collins & Elizondo Law Firm, P.L.L.C., has the unique experience of fighting for our Houston, Texas, clients in oil and gas-related matters. This, of course, includes transactional-based disputes, like leases, compensation, etc. But, more unique are the torts that result from oil and gas exploration, production and transportation. Bluntly, we get compensation for those injured as a result of this industry.

Oil and gas production accidents

Oil rigs and pipeline accidents occur with troubling frequency, and the injuries that result can be debilitating, even fatal, because the accidents are often followed by explosions. Common injuries include loss of limb, hearing and sight, along with severe burns and concussive force injuries.

Litigation law firm

Another uniqueness of our firm is that we are a litigation law firm. Most firms specialize in settlements, and while we strive to come to terms prior to litigation, we are trial lawyers. We are always prepared for trial, and we have the reputation to prove it, which we leverage for much better settlements.

Client centric

We specialize in understanding our Houston, Texas, clients as people. We want to understand not just your injuries and the accident but you as a full human being as well. This is why our attorneys are hands on, and your case will not be delegated to an associate or paralegal. We are there for you throughout the representation.