Survey shows fears of drivers sharing the road with trucks

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When taking to the roads in Houston and across Texas, drivers of passenger vehicles need to be fully aware of the presence of large commercial trucks. While they are an integral part of the economy and perform a valuable service, there is no doubt as to how dangerous they can be. It is natural to be fearful when sharing the road with large rigs. A recent survey shows just how concerned many drivers are.

Drivers state they are worried when sharing the road with large trucks

A study by Solera found that a significant percentage of drivers expressed alarm at being on the road with large trucks. The survey was conducted this past August. There were 1,000 adult participants and the questions centered on how they viewed truck fleet safety.

Around 88% of people across the United States stated they drove next to a large truck in the previous year. Fifty-six percent of respondents stated they felt unsafe. Sixty-four percent said they saw truckers behaving in risky ways behind the wheel. According to 37%, truckers were aggressive and distracted. Thirty-one percent specifically said fleet managers and trucking companies should address distracted driving. Eighty-nine percent said drivers should be responsible for taking part in more safety training than they currently receive.

Trucking has taken major steps in trying to improve its safety record and ease the fears of people who are taking to the road with these rigs. That includes new requirements for drivers to electronically record how long they have spent on the road, taking mandated rest breaks and taking initiatives against distracted driving and recklessness. Despite that, the worries persist.

People should know the value of experienced help after a truck accident

After a truck accident, there will be a litany of issues that come to the forefront. People who need hospitalization, medical care and are suffering from long-term injuries will think about the financial and personal aspects of their case. For example, they may not be able to support a family and wonder how they will cover all of their medical bills.

From the start, it is imperative to think about the consequences of a crash and know what can be done to ease the challenges that inevitably arise. Insurance companies may offer a settlement and it might sound reasonable. However, it is wise to have a person support you who not only knows how to negotiate but is also willing to go forward with litigation and can work aggressively in court. For comprehensive assistance, consulting with qualified and caring professionals can assess the situation and help to decide what should be done.