Other invisible injuries from car accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As readers of this legal blog know, we often post on various motor vehicle accident topics, including injuries. In a recent legal blog post, we posted about invisible mental health injuries. In this blog post, however, we will focus on other invisible injuries: traumatic brain injuries.


Traumatic brain injuries are also often invisible. This is because you can get a TBI anytime your body is jolted, or your head impacted, which is what happens in many Houston, Texas, car accidents. TBIs can also occur if your head is punctured, but those injuries are obvious.

Invisible symptoms

Some TBI symptoms are dramatic, but others are invisible. Indeed, even if you lost consciousness, you may not remember it. However, you may experience headaches that seem like migraine or stress headaches. You could find getting to or staying asleep much more difficult. Even anxiety can stay hidden if you do not realize that it was caused by your car.

More dramatic symptoms

Other TBI symptoms are much more dramatic. This can include difficulty seeing, tasting and hearing. You could also hear ringing or things that are not actually there, see things that are not there (or just have trouble focusing) and random tastes. You may also have difficulty speaking, where it makes sense to you, but others cannot understand you.

You could also experience debilitating depression, anxiety and violent mood swings. In fact, some TBI suffers’ entire personality changes. This may be something you may or may not notice, but it is something those around you will notice.

Get treatment

As we spoke about in our prior post, you could face medical complications even from low-speed or minor crashes. This is why it is so important to let the medical responders check you out and go to the emergency room. You could face debilitating TBI symptoms later that could be mitigated, if you get treatment immediately. Once you get medical help, make sure you call your attorney to start your Houston, Texas, personal injury claim.