Harris County auto accident statistics stoke concern and action

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drivers, passengers, pedestrians and anyone else on the roads in Houston are aware of the potential risks they may face. Whether it is drivers behaving recklessly, speeding, getting behind the wheel while under the influence, driving while distracted or drowsy driving, accidents can happen without warning. In recent years, however, the problem has gotten statistically worse. When there is an auto crash, people can be confronted with myriad challenges that must be addressed.

With worsening pedestrian fatality rates, TxDOT begins safety campaign

The Texas Department of Transportation is initiating a campaign to try and make the roads in the Lone Star State safer. This comes as the most recent numbers show there were 122 pedestrian deaths in the county through September 2022. This is the worst total in five years. With its campaign, people are encouraged to “Be Smart. Drive Safe.”

Pedestrians have been in great jeopardy in the past few years. In Houston and its surrounding areas, there were 204 pedestrian deaths in 2021. This was 15% higher than the prior year. In addition, 383 pedestrians were seriously hurt.

Aspects of the campaign will advise pedestrians to remember to use sidewalks and intersections and be attentive. Still, even if people are vigilant, dangers abound. For example, in one-quarter of the pedestrian collisions, there was alcohol involved. People simply going for a walk, running an errand, exercising or going to school can be hit by an auto and have their entire lives turned upside down.

Navigating the aftermath of an auto accident may require professional assistance

Hopefully, the TxDOT campaign will yield positive results and the accident numbers in Houston will improve. Unfortunately, while drivers are tempted by their cellphones, drink and drive and behave in other problematic ways, accidents will continue to happen.

From medical costs, long-term treatment, the inability to contribute to a family, being unable to work and other challenges, motor vehicle accident injuries can cause extensive damage. When there is a fatality, these obstacles are even worse. To recover compensation for what happened, it is essential to have guidance in accruing evidence, reconstructing what occurred and moving forward with a claim.