Federal agents shut down trucking company for safety reasons

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Commercial truck accidents are some of the worst types of collisions you can be involved in. The sheer mass of semitrailers and other commercial trucks means that, when an accident occurs, you and your family are at great risk of significant injury. You may think that the accident was caused by a driver who simply wasn’t paying attention, but there’s often much more to the story.

There’s likely a company involved

Truck drivers aren’t usually self-employed. Instead, they work for a company which is responsible for the driver, their training, their hours and the safety of the truck being driven. This includes inspections and maintenance and ensuring the truck is properly loaded. The company behind the truck can be negligent just as easily as a driver.

By way of example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) forcibly shut down a Houston-based trucking company earlier this year, for repeated and serious violations of federal shipping regulations. The company, 4 Life Transport Corporation, was forced to cease all operations, as the FMCSA said it posed an “imminent hazard” upon the roads.

The FMCSA listed a host of violations as reasons for their action, including drug and alcohol violations, unsafe driving, insufficient driver qualifications, overextending drivers’ hours and poor inspection and maintenance. It also cited a fatal accident involving one of the trucks shortly before the company was shut down.

When you’re injured in a commercial trucking accident, you expect justice and you’re entitled to be compensated. But that can only happen when all of the responsible parties are identified, including the company which may be liable for the negligence. Speak to a professional who is experienced in personal injury law – they can help to ensure that you are made whole again.